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Danxia Mountain
2010-07-26 18:27:41
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The mountain is a major national scenic area, among one of the four most famous mountains in China, and a national geological-landform nature reserve formed by brilliant red stones.

With a nick name of "Redstone Park of China", Danxia Mountain is characterized by the red steep cliffs with precipitous landform of even peak, sheer body and flat valleys. In geography, the name of "Danxia Landform" refers to the sort of landform similar to the Danxia Mountain.

Danxia mountain, Shaoguan, Guangdong

The Danxia Mountain area is the largest Danxia landform in the world, covering 215 square kilometres. It is characterized by its magnificence, trill, rareness, beauty, seclusion, wideness and deepness. The whole scenery park is dotted with numerous spots of scenic beauty such as nature-formed stone walls, pillars, arches, and bridges. Danxia Mountain is therefore paralleled with Guilin as the top scenes in China.

Danxia Mountain area was originally a huge inland basin with Jinjiang River winding its 38-kilometre way from north to south through the Danxia Mountain. The whole forest park is divided into several tourist zones: Danxia Mountain, Yangyuan Mountain, Xianglong Lake, Jinjiang River Route. The Danxia Mountain and Yangyuan Mountain Tourist Zones are most popular travel routes.


Yangyuan Mountain Scenic Area

The Yangyuan Mountain scenic area is about 20 minutes walk from the entry. Along the road tourists can enjoy the magnificent sceneries of Danxia Landform, fabulous cliffs and rocks, and see the changes of colors on road-side karst.

Yangyuan Stone, famed as "The Most Marvelous Stone in the World", is 28 metres high and 7 metres in diameter. It looks from a distance very much like a male genital.

Walking anther 20 minutes visitors come to a natural stone bridge called Tongtai Bridge formed by water erosion. There are in total 7 stone bridges, of which Tongtai Bridge is the largest of 50 metres long and 6~8 metres high. The thinnest part of the bridge is only 3 metres. The name Tongtai means those who pass by the bridge will be blessed with healthiness and success.


Danxia Mountain Tourist Zone

Danxia Mountain is the earliest developed tourist zone, with the most typical characteristics, the richest landform and the most beautiful scenery. The scenic area contains 600 stone hills, 400 stonewalls, 36 karst caves, stone pillar and natural bridges of various size. There are three view levels of landscapes formed by 3 red cliffs on a platform.

The "Jinshi Rock" standing on a hundred-metre cliff, is the lowest level. Colors of the cliff and rock vary according to time and season, which is magnificent to see.

The middle view level stands The Biechuan Buddhist Temple, built in 1662 and one of the ten most famous Zen Temples in southern China. From here visitors can appreciate the views of Yunulanjiang (The Jade Maiden Blocks the River), Teapot Mountain and Guanyin Rock.

Climbing the Red Ladder and Iron Chain leads tourist through a vertical route to the top level, where is a good place to fully enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Danxia Mountain and appreciate the sunrise and sunset, especially in the Sunrise-seeing Pavilion.

It required lots of energy to climb up the vertically directed mountain routes. For people who do not want to take the physical challenge, they can take a cable car to reach the peak. This will however miss the chance of appreciating the marvelous rocks and cliffs. Visitors are therefore advised to climb up the mountain by foot and return by cable car.



Address: 9kms south from Renhua County, Shaoguan Changlao Peak Tourist Zone

DIY Drive from Guangzhou:

1.Tianhe District, Guangzhou ==> the South-China Expressway ==> Northern 2nd Ring ==> Taihe Intersection ==> Beijing-Zhuhai Express Highway, get off at the Shaoguan South Toll and into downtown Shaoguan. (about 2.5 hours)

2.Drive from downtown Shaoguan to Danxia Mountain (about 1 hour).

Price : Tourist Zone: 40 RMB for Weekdays, 45 RMB for weekends & holidays

Danxia Mountain Tourist Zone: 45 RMB

Yangyuan Mountain Scenic Area: 25 RMB for weekdays and 30 RMB for weekends and holidays

The Whole Forest Park: 65 RMB for weekdays and 70 RMB for weekends and holidays

Open hours of cable car: 4:00-20:00 at ticket fare 55 RMB



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