• Guangzhou is well known for its flowers and potted landscape, such as salisb, sweet hibiscus, banana-shrub jasmine, kumquat, and chrysanthemum.

  • The city is composed of many high-rise buildings, straight avenues and modern office buildings. The city is a paradise for shopping, gourmet and sightseeing.

  • As one of the four famous towns in ancient China, Foshan is renowned at home and abroad for its handicraft industry.

  • Blessed by an abundance of blue water and a long shoreline with impressive sand beaches, Zhuhai has become one of the best coastal cities in China.

  • People in Shantou have special feelings toward the sea. Along the beach corridor, everywhere we see residents tasting Gongfu tea there.

  • The wonderful landscapes and the customs of the local ethnic groups attract a great number of tourists every year.

  • Heyuan is fertile and rich in Hakka customs and festivalsas well as resources with its undulating green mountains, forests and blue waters.

  • With an ancient name of Jiaying, Meizhou has a history of one thousand years and been closely tied with Taiwan in the aspects of history and culture.

  • Huizhou is one of Guangdong‘s most famous historical cities and home to such significant historical sites.

  • Shanwei is a costal city located on the southeast coast of Guangdong Province. The city is rich in beach and fishing resources.

  • Thanks to its 5000 years long history and glorious revolutionary tradition, Dongguan has become a well-known historic and cultural city in south Guangdong.

  • Major tourist attractions are former residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Sunwen Memorial Park, Zhongshan Town.

  • Jiangmen‘s multifaceted charms see in its abundant seashore resources, precious cultural heritages

  • Yangjiang is a busy and hustling seaport with various kinds of charms. There are amazingly unique caves and stone scenery created by the karst

  • Zhanjiang, formerly known as Guangzhou Bay, is a place where one can enjoy sunshine, sea and sand all year round.

  • Maoming has the biggest fishing port in the province and biggest fruit production bases in China.

  • With 2200 years‘ history, Zhaoqing has a lot of natural and cultural destinations, among which Star-lake Scenery Spot is the most famous.

  • The city is famous for its Chaozhou cuisine, drama, music, Gongfu tea, embroidery, carvings, pottery and porcelain works.

  • Jieyang is home to numerous historic attractions as well as possessing a number of unique folk customs. It is known for is its mouth-watering seafood dishes.

  • The city is, perhaps, best known for its rich minerals of which there are over 50 kinds including gold, silver and marble.

  • With unique karst landscape, Qingyuan is rich in spectacular views of stone forests, karst caves, crayons and cliffs.

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