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2010-07-13 11:23:52
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Foshan, Guangdong

City Intro
Foshan, which "was founded in Jin Dynasty and was given the name in Tang Dynasty", is a famous cultural city with a long history. At the Zhenguang Second Year of Tang Dynasty (A.D. 628), three Buddhist figurines were dug out at Tapogang in the city. In the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty, Foshan was already famous for handicraft, commerce and culture, which was an important trade port in Southern China. In the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, it evolved into an economically developed town in Lingnan area, which together with Hankou Town in Hubei, Jingde Town in Jiangxi and Zhuxian Town in Henan were listed as Four Famous Towns in China. Foshan was one of the ancient famous cities, well known at home and abroad for its handicraft industry. The exquisite folk-arts have a long history, which is said to start from Ming Dynasty, famous for its local styles. Tens of artistic items like paper-cut, binding item, color lantern, Qiuse (including paper puff, sculpture, engraving, sticky brick and casting products), wood New Year pictures and paintings and handwritings, are popular among people for its local styles.

Sanshui Lotus World, Foshan, Guangdong

Sanshui Lotus World, Foshan

Region Code 0757
Zip 528000
Tour Tel 2212061
Flight Tel 2810531
Bus Tel 82232940
Ship Tel 6777388
Train Tel 82278838

Xiqiao Mountain, Foshan, Guangdong

Xiqiao Mountain, Foshan

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